12 Weeks To Go..

Yesterday marked the 27th week of my pregnancy – the start of the 3rd trimester. It has been a really long time since I’ve posted here…life got in the way, I guess.  I have been feeling really good! My hands, feet and ankles have been swelling some, but not too bad. It really just makes them feel tight and thats when I know I need to sit down and put my feet up and relax for a little bit.

To fill you in on the last couple of months:

  • We learned on March 4 that we are having a little GIRL! We could not be more excited! Neither of us really cared much whether it was a boy or girl, as long as the baby is healthy, but knowing that its a girl made it that much more real to us.
  • We already had names picked out for a boy and a girl, so her name will be Kaylee Rebekah. Rebekah is the middle name of my good friend, Haley and the first name of Haley’s mother who was killed in 2006 by her abusive husband. I loved the name already, but honoring my friend’s sweet mother makes it very special to us.
  • I have been feeling her move for some time now. Its an amazing feeling like no other. Jason has been able to feel her some too – the smile it gives him could light up a room. 🙂
  • It took me forever to decide on bedding because I’m difficult not into the pastel pinks and purples, which seemed to be all I could find in girls bedding. After weeks of searching, I finally found a bold, bright bedding set in my favorite shade of pink – Pink Pop by Amy Coe. It is exclusive to Babies “R” Us, but is no longer available online or in stores apparently, so I ordered it on eBay at a fraction of the regular retail price.
  • We ordered the crib from Noah’s Ark Baby Shop sometime at the end of March – Young America MyHaven Built to Grow by Stanley Furniture. It was delivered mid-April and I could not be happier with it. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of furniture that will last and last.


  • Another thing I had a hard time finding was a diaper bag that I liked. All the bags I found in the stores here locally were either plain black or had some disney character on them. The materials weren’t nice and I just wasn’t impressed. I decided to search on Etsy and found one that I fell in love with and the lovely maker of this bag is customizing it a little for me so that it will work better as a diaper bag.  Oh, and just because I couldn’t resist, I also ordered this cute little travel wipe case (the butterfly floral one on the right) that matches. (Jason laughs at me for that one, but it is so cute!)  🙂

So, I think that brings you up to speed on where we are right now with everything. We still have a lot to do in the nursery, but the biggest part (the crib) is done and now we just have to decorate the rest of the room. I’ll post pictures of the completed nursery once we’re done.

A long time family friend is throwing a baby shower for me on June 14 so, I’ve got to get a guest list put together soon for her so invites can go out for that.  I’ve registered for some things on Target.com but a lot of it is the bigger items and we need to go on and put a few more smaller essentials on it.

Aside from my baby bump, life is normal. Work is going good and getting busier each day as we head into the summer season. Bike Week starts this weekend here, but since the new ordinances were put in place in Myrtle Beach, we really don’t know how the turnout will be. Personally, I think we will still have just as many bikers and they will just stay outside of the Myrtle Beach city limits. There are plenty of other places for them to go in North Myrtle Beach, Conway, Surfside Beach and Socastee, along with other areas in the county. We shall see.

I decided that I would take a few days off from work – just a long weekend – so I am off today through Sunday. I planned to go down to the beach every day, but today we had a few thunderstorms. Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend are supposed to be pretty, though. So hopefully I’ll get to relax by the ocean for the rest of my mini-vacation.

This post has turned out to be MUCH longer than anticipated, so I’ll leave it at that. I promise to come around more often with updates on my lovely bump and life in general going forward.  Tootles! 🙂

Yay For No Nausea!

For the past 5 days I was nothing but extremely nauseas.  I didn’t just have morning sickness…it was all day sickness. Finally, today I have felt 100% better and was actually able to eat something other than chicken noodle soup and crackers and drink something other than ginger ale.  Thank God. I was beginning to think I’d never get to taste a decent meal again. And yes, I’m very dramatic. 🙂

So, today is the start of my tenth week.  I FINALLY got my prescription for prenatal vitamins filled today after a big hassle about my insurance.  They are big ol’ horse pills and I was so scared one was going to get stuck in my esophagus on the way down. Again, I’m dramatic.  My next OB appointment is January 22, so hopefully we’ll be able to see more of the baby then.

Otherwise, Jason and I had a pretty good day.  I was off today so we went to breakfast, then to pick up a few things we needed.  Later we went to lunch and then to look at Noah’s Ark, a baby store in North Myrtle Beach.  My mother has said that she wants to purchase the crib for us, but that she will need to plan for it financially, so for us to pick one out early on in the pregnancy.  We looked at some even before we were pregnant, but today we decided that we really like the myHaven collection in either chocolate or coffee from Young America.  They are very well built and, with the proper kits, will convert to a toddler bed, a daybed, or a full bed.

People have laughed at me when I tell them we’re already looking at baby things, but we’re so excited and one of the best things for me will be decorating the nursery when the time comes.  Of course we will wait until we know the sex of the baby to purchase any bedding or clothes or whatever, but we just like to look.  It’s exciting.  Neither of us have had kids before so this is all new to us.  So we will continue to look and be laughed at.  I don’t care. 🙂

I’m super tired and have a long day of work ahead of me tomorrow, so I’m off to watch some tv with J before bed.  Nite nite, kiddos!

And here we are!

Jas & Sher

Hi!  So most likely, if you’re reading this, you know either Jason or I. We are looking forward to sharing bits of our lives with you here.

I’ll start off by sharing with you the most amazing Christmas gift that either of us has ever received. We found out that we’re expecting our first baby! We first found out on December 8th after 3 home positive pregnancy tests.  A few days later I went to my doctor and they did a test. Still positive. I called and made an appointment with an OB, but because it was so close to the holidays, the first appointment I was able to get was for January 6th. Well…turns out it would be sooner. We had a little scare this past Sunday night (December 21) and I went to the emergency room. They said everything looked ok, but were having a hard time seeing much on the ultrasound because apparently the ER ultrasound machine isn’t all that great, so they told me to rest, keep my feet up, and follow up with my OB in the next few days.  So the next morning I called my OB to let them know what happened and they bumped up my appointment to Christmas Eve.  So on December 24 at 9am, I had my first OB appointment. He started the ultrasound telling me that everything looked very good. Then he zoomed in on the screen and showed me a little tiny flicker. He turned up the volume and I heard the most amazing thing in my life – my baby’s heartbeat. With tears welling up in my eyes, I looked at Jason and all we could do was smile. I will NEVER forget that moment. Needless to say, despite all of our worries and stresses with the rest of life right now, we could not have asked for a better Christmas than this one. 🙂

…And here we are! 🙂